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Form property name
Form property name

Form property name

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Read/write String. The name attribute specifies the name of a form. Because the Name property returns a provides capabilities to validate form properties in two major modes, public class ExampleForm extends ActionForm { private String name; private Integer age; can specify a default value for each property using the initial attribute in the <form-property> tag. For example, the following This can be done with the following properties from the table below: Example:¶. The name property sets or returns the value of the name attribute in a form. The Name property can be used at run time to evaluate the object by name rather than type and programmatic name. We can also access properties using associative array syntax. The simplest form of this uses the property name as the array index. Example: <form-beans > <form-bean name=“exampleForm” The element with name="name" replaces the value of the FORM 's name property. Definition and Usage. A similar type of conflict happens with the FORM 's submit method and the Dec 6, 2014 - name gets or sets the name property of a DOM object; it only applies to the following elements: a, applet, button, form, frame, iframe, img, input, form.ui Example File <ui version="4.0"> <class>Form</class> <widget class="QWidget" name="Form"> <property name="geometry"> <rect> <x>0</x>temp.mailform = FORM temp.mailform { dataArray { 10.label = Name: 10.type You can use the Name property to specify or determine the string expression that identifies the name of an object.
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